A delight.  A warm, funny, amiable, totally enjoyable film.  I liked the premise going in but thought that, at almost 2 hours long, it would be a snoozefest. Wrong. It was over before I knew it.  (I should add that I’m a Food Channel addict and how people whip disparate ingredients into something that tastes and looks good fascinates me.) A great cast that’s completely in sync.



Despite its logging 14% on the Tomatometer, I found this immensely enjoyable.  But then, I’m not a Keanu hater.  It’s a gorgeous film with amazing effects.  I wish I’d seen it on the Big Screen.  I don’t remember any witches and dragons in the original legend, but I welcomed the added dimension the fantasy elements brought to the visual table.  (As usual I FF’d through the battles and such.)


I’d heard people call this 1980 job pornographic, but really, with John Gielgud, Peter O’Toole, Malcolm McDowell and Helen Mirren, how pornographic could it be?  Well, very.  By the end it’s outright porny porn.  Even so, virtually unwatchable, except for laughs.  Might work for a bad-movie night—just make sure there’s lots of beer.



I liked the first 3/4 quite a bit, liked what its had to say about the phoniness and pretentiousness of the art world, where incoherence and just plain weirdness are consistently mistaken for profundity, but I felt it took a too-obvious way out at the end.