I watched this because I’d seen all the other Chris Lee Fu Manchus and I’m a completist. It really is as bad as they say. Was there a script? Wasn’t the central threat stolen from Vonnegut’s Cat’s Cradle? The only good thing was the extra feature backgrounding the origins of the Devil Doctor. I was familiar with the info (they even delve into the mustache controversy) but a naive viewer would find it highly informative. FF=4.5


Skip this. Yes, I know it’s a blaxploitation send-up, and not to be taken seriously. But tedious is tedious. It has its moments, fer sher, but not enough to compensate for its running time (even though it’s only 84 minutes).



I know, I know, I know…but Li’l F got hooked on Japanese giant-rubber-suit-monster movies when he first saw Godzilla, and every so often big F likes to revisit his youth. The parthenon of “Kaiju eiga” (what the Japanese call these films) is full of silly, improbable (but lovable) monsters, but none sillier or more improbable (or more lovable) than Gamera, the giant turtle that spins through the air like a rocket-propelled frisbee.  This is the first of a re-imagined Gamera series; it will be the last I’ll watch.  They say you can never go home again. In this case, they’re right.

FF= 4.5 (I started off FF-ing between the monster sightings, then found myself FF-ing through the monster-fu)


Someone recommended this to me.  If I remember who it was I will hurt him.  Mercilessly padded with looong takes of armies of horsemen galloping here and galloping there over and over.  It didn’t seem to know if it wanted to be comedic or serious.

FF= 4.5