An entertaining, well-acted, and surprisingly funny mystery in the Gone Girl subgenre. Kendrick and Lively are super as mismatched friends working their way through a forgettable plot. I like that the script anticipates the audience: Just when I’m thinking, oh, they’re gaslighting her, Stephanie asks, “Are you Diabolique-ing me?” (an even better reference). Very much worth a look. FF=0

2 thoughts on “A SIMPLE FAVOR

  1. I meant to see if you had a review of “A Simple Favor” before I rented it, but it was only 99 cents, so I threw caution to the wind. However, after watching it, I’m delighted to see that we are in complete agreement. It was very good indeed. Both Kendrick and Lively do a fabulous job. And that gorgeously lit scene where the beautiful (and beautifully-clad) Lively walks in slow motion in the pouring-down-rain, is absolutely scintillating.

    Cheers to you, sir!

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