Had to watch this. I’m sure he couldn’t resist the offer: “Film my mayoral campaign? Sure!” He thought he’d win, of course. The doc reveals a narcissistic extrovert totally lacking in impulse control (some examples right there on camera). The epitome of NY chutzpah: After his original sexting scandal, how could he think his “Carlos Danger” sexcapades wouldn’t come to light? Yet he ran anyway. It’s interesting to watch Huma in the background gradually distancing herself from him as things go from bad to worse to cringingly awful.




You really must see this. It’s 1952 and a little Coast Guard lifeboat is battling ginormous waves (the CGI really works here) to rescue the surviving crew of a tanker that has broken in two during one of the North Atlantic’s “perfect storms.” Because it’s based on a true story, you’re never sure if this lifeboat will end up like the Andrea Gail, so the tension is unrelenting. (Okay, it’s a Disney Production, so you can guess how it will turn out, but in medias res you are there.) Understated acting, excellent editing, direction, and pacing.