I’d heard people call this 1980 job pornographic, but really, with John Gielgud, Peter O’Toole, Malcolm McDowell and Helen Mirren, how pornographic could it be?  Well, very.  By the end it’s outright porny porn.  Even so, virtually unwatchable, except for laughs.  Might work for a bad-movie night—just make sure there’s lots of beer.



I thought this might be suitable for Bad Movie Night (which means it’s so bad it’s fun) but this one’s just terrible.  Screenwriter Larry Cohen (Phone Booth, Cellular, and a zillion other scripts) on autopilot.  A little bit Valentines Day, a little bit Prom Night, a lot Maniac Cop (another Larry Cohen creation – Maniac Cop 3 is one of my guilty pleasures) but lacking the verve and sense of mischief.  A couple of somewhat imaginative murders, but mostly deadly dull.

FF= 7 (might even be 8 – my finger was glued to the FF button between the murders)