I watched OBLIVION and MOON back to back. I’d been told that the former ripped off the latter. Both are future SF and certainly have parallels, but Moon is a psychological drama while Oblivion is an action flick. The subject matter (I won’t spoil it for you) demands certain dramatic epiphanies that make the second acts very similar. Moon is a one-man show starring Sam Rockwell who could easily have played Tom Cruise’s role in Oblivion, but I don’t think the opposite would work nearly as well. (That sentence makes sense to me, hope it does to you.)
Oblivion FF=1
Moon FF=2
(Moon has a higher FF because the first act, though necessary to set up the rest of the story, is plodding)


I’d never heard of this film until a reader sent me a copy. He advised me not to FF so I didn’t, and I’m glad I listened. A frightening variation on Groundhog Day that has you nodding appreciation as unexplained incidents in the first go-round are explained when seen through another POV on the second. Well worth the trip.