If you’re in the mood for a British black comedy about a serial-killer couple (and who isn’t?), this is your dish. It’s wacky and uneven, but offers some laugh-aloud parts. Lots of driving through beautiful countryside and even a little leyline mythology. Def worth the 90 minutes.


Although Snatch and LS&2SB remain two of my fave films, perhaps Guy Richie wasn’t the best choice to direct this. Too many missteps, starting with the eponymous character’s 21st century fade hairstyle. And did I see a direct appropriation of Frazetta’s “Death Dealer?” His trademark camera tricks are jarring in a medieval setting. On the whole I found it watchable but at the end I’m wondering what else I might have done with those 2 hours.


I seem to be in the minority (as usual) but I liked the cast and had some good laughs from this. If the 1984 film had never been made, this might have been the start of a franchise. But the 1984 film is in the canon, and its iconic cast and jaw-dropping succession of outrageous twists, culminating in the humongous Stay Puft marshmallow man, make this come off as an also-ran. Too much deja-vu / been-there-done-that to make me want another look.


Nowhere near as bad as I was led to believe. The effects were excessive and the direction/editing cornfusing at times, but I was more engaged than I expected. High point: Gal Gadot as WW; Linda Carter go away, this Gal (sorry) owns the part. (Must see WW feature.) Low point: Jesse Eisenberg as LL; wrong-wrong-wrong for the part; get Corey Stoll next time.


I thought this would be more fun. And funnier. All the good lines are in the trailer. For the most part it’s grim laced with more grim and sprinkled with stupid. Stick me in front of a well-done film and I’ll buy into the most preposterous scenario. But I couldn’t buy any of this. Even Harley got old. And I hated Leto’s Joker. Heath Ledger’s layered portrayal set the standard and all Jokers must be measured against his.


Jack Black plays R.L. Stine in this horror comedy geared for kids. The plot releases a horde of Stine’s monsters on the town [the lawn gnomes, the Blob that ate Everyone, the Mummy, Slappy (of course), and many more] and the kids and Stine have to return them to the printed page. After a slow opening it starts rolling and is a lot of fun. Watch for R.L. himself in a cameo near the end.



No funny spandex costumes here.  I rented this TV movie because it stars Sam Elliott.  It’s okay.  Some good action but I expected more twists in a story based on a Frederick Forsyth novel. For Sam Elliott fans only.