A mostly unwatchable 1983 slasher film.  I hung in to the end because I’d been told the last scene was a shocker.  I guess it is – but hardly worth slogging through the bad acting and improbable murders.



Why do I keep torturing myself with Steven Seagal movies.  Each one is worse than the last.  He used to have a commanding screen presence, now he’s just there, wandering through plotless action films that don’t even have good action.

FF= 5


Much as I like chop-socky films and Jet Li, I didn’t like this.  Don’t know exactly why.  Maybe the underlying setup – treating a man like an animal and training him to be an attack dog – is too grim for me.  The 3-act structure is too formulaic and predictable. Some of the fight scenes – especially the one with the guy in the white gi — went on far too long.

FF= 5