Very low budget.  I’m a firm believer in less is more, but in this case, less is definitely less.


DJANGO (1966)

Love spaghetti westerns, hated (that’s HATED) this one. Story, dialogue, acting, production, direction – all terrible. Even the props were bad! Ugh! Avoid at all costs.



Any film that can’t exist without the protagonist making an unimaginably stupid, selfish, stupid, reckless, stupid, narcissistic, stupid decision at the onset, had better be one of the best damn movies ever made to overcome that. Sinister does not come near surmounting that enormous burden. And when, after finding that first home movie, El Protago doesn’t grab his wife and kids and run like hell, the film only digs a deeper hole.



A mostly unwatchable 1983 slasher film.  I hung in to the end because I’d been told the last scene was a shocker.  I guess it is – but hardly worth slogging through the bad acting and improbable murders.



Why do I keep torturing myself with Steven Seagal movies.  Each one is worse than the last.  He used to have a commanding screen presence, now he’s just there, wandering through plotless action films that don’t even have good action.

FF= 5