The Fifth Harmonic

Have you heard of The Fifth Harmonic?  No surprise if you haven’t.  It’s the most personal novel I’ve written, the hardest to classify, and one of my best, I think.  It’s been called a New Age thriller, and that’s pretty close.  A mystical Mayan mystery woman is paired with a hardshell skeptic (like me) with terminal cancer (not like me), involved in exotic settings, strange legends, a romance, and really good sex (or so women readers have told me).  It supposes that a few New Age concepts are true.  (Don’t let that put you off – I don’t buy them either, but they work for the story.) I drew on the experiences of a trip into MesoAmerica and began fabricating. It virtually wrote itself.  Maybe because it was so personal.

The inspiration came from an acquaintance (let’s call him Sal).  He found a lump in his neck.  Turned out he had a squamous cell carcinoma on his tongue.  They cut out the tumor, removed lymph nodes and some muscle from his neck, and radiated him.

The result: Sal can talk fine but the surgery left him with a wry neck and the radiation did a number on his salivary glands, leaving him with a perpetually dry mouth.  He has to keep a water bottle nearby at all times, but otherwise his life goes on.

It could have been so much worse.

What if the tumor had been more advanced and more aggressive?  He might have had to have his larynx removed (which means he’d be talking through a squawk box or burping his words) along with part of his jaw and most of his tongue.  The more intense radiation would leave him with no saliva, and no taste buds as well.

Then I thought: What if that were me?  As far as I’m concerned, that’s not living.  I’d rather be dead.  But before I died I’d explore every other possible means of a cure.

And that’s how The Fifth Harmonic came to be.  I knew it would be a tough sell but it was something I simply had to write.  Turned out I couldn’t find a New York publisher for it.  (They all said they had no idea how to market it.)  It wound up with a small New Age house and remains largely unknown.  The hardcover is out of print, and the paperback is years off.  The publisher’s ebook edition remains available.  Go here.  (Again, I apologize about the price – not my doing.)

3 thoughts on “The Fifth Harmonic

  1. I loved the book although I am not a New Age believer either, it was just a good story and Mayan history interests me, I had my mom read it, she loved it as well (she IS a New Age believer)

  2. I have read this and every other book of yours that I have been able to find and I must say that this is one of my favorites. I have bought numerous copies to pass out to family and friends and they all love the book and pass it along to others! I am not a New Age believer but it doesn’t matter. Very well written and difficult to put down! Thanks for the wonderful writing!

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