Okay, I’m hooked.  Completely.  Utterly.  Missed the start of the series during the regular season, and when I finally tuned in I was, well, lost.

I was delighted to see “story by Jeffery Lieber” in the opening credits.  Jeff and I go back to the mid-1990s when Matt Costello and I were scripting the “Dark Half Interactive” project for Orion Interactive; Jeff was acting as producer.  He’s not the least bit squeamish but Matt and I managed to gross him out with our “Birthing Woman” interaction (don’t ask). The project was orphaned and became vaporware when MGM bought Orion.  He’s a talented guy and I do believe he might have learned a few things from Matt and me about telling weird tales.  If so, I’m happy to have passed them on.  He’s paid his dues.  He deserves this.  I wish him the best.

FF = a big fat ZEEEERO (and hungry for more while praying the quality holds up)

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