Wanted to see this on the big screen but schedules didn’t mesh.  Heard bad things about it and, yes, the whole traveling-down-the-lightning-bolts-to-machines-they-left-here-a-million-years-ago-that-nobody-happened-to-trip-over-in-those-million-years setup was crap, but man . . . watch it in surroundsound with the subwoofer cranked up and it’s freaking awesome.  Yeah, you could have cropped the whole Tim Robbins sequence and not missed a beat, but I was glued.  Tom Cruise may be a major a-hole, but he did right by this film . . . although I don’t know if he’d have been half as good without the amazing Dakota Fanning to play off of.  (Jeez, that’s an awful sentence, but I’ll leave it.)

FF= 0

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