I’m always curious as to how groups with special chemistry happen to get together. No mystery about the Beach Boys – most of them share DNA. But guys from Texas, Detroit, Nebraska, and San Diego… how did that happen? I’m a fan of harmony. The cool kids disparage the Eagles, but I love their vocal blend, their instrumental skill and their perfectionism. Even when the song is icky-sticky mellow, their harmonies soar. Part I shows how they got together in the early 70s and broke up in 1980. Part II is about their 1990s reunion. Part I is far more interesting (I bailed during Part II) — how the original 4 all gravitated west and wound up together as Linda Ronstadt’s backup band. The early years, the huge successes, the fights over what kind of music to play, the personnel changes, the breakup after “The Long Run.” Be prepared for lots of self-congratulation. I’d always assumed that Henley was the group’s divisive member, but Glenn Frey reveals himself as the egomaniac.


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