Was really into it until it spun out of control toward the end. (Yes, I’m aware of the logic leaps and pratfalls along the way, but my suspend-disbelief fu is very strong.) I’m a sucker for conspiracies and Arcane Knowledge and all that. (Most of the FFing was toward the end.)


One thought on “KNOWING

  1. I liked even the ending of this film: I am an :end-of-the-world” film aficionado, and this I thought was an interesting addition to the filmography: I liked the identification of the flying machine and “angels” in Ezekiel with the aliens. I thought the ending– after the Emergency Broadcast at the gas station– was fascinating… though the very end was classic deus ex machina. The disaster sequences were riveting. I also (|being as I have noted before a Beethoven-lover) loved the use of the Allegretto from the Seventh Symphony as a dirge for all the world– though the performance used was too quick in tempo.

    What did you think of “Seeking a Friend for the End of the World”? I loved it.

    I have been awaiting– both with eagerness and trepidation– the Stephen Spielberg remake of “When Worlds Collide”– including I hope also the sequel, “After Worlds Collide”– praying they will have the good sense (and respect for readers) to cleave to the novel(s) as closely as possible!


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