Dumb.  Really, really, really dumb.  (Yeah, I know, what did I expect with a video game as the source of the story?)  A secret cult of assassins wandering the globe and hiring out to kill folks.  Okay so far.  But they all wear black suits and have a bar code tattooed onto the occipital scalp of their shaven heads.  Yes!  Shaved!  Leaving the bar code for all to see.  WTF?  Our hitman is being chased, there’s an APB out on him, but he walks through train stations and airports – everywhere – flashing his barcode for all to see.  Wouldn’t you think that someone, somewhere would notice?  But noooooo.  You know what, though?  It was well paced and the Russian settings were eye catching.  Once I suspended my disbelief in the bar code, and stopped trying to make sense of the plot, I was engaged.


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