Big disappointment.  I was expecting another “Lock, Stock…” or “Snatch” and got something else. Don’t ask me what I got; I’m still not sure.  Oh, there’s good watching – especially the Sorter character – but it all leads to nothing.  Or rather to something ham handed and unbearably pretentious.  A Message Film – yikes!  (The finale scene with Ray Liotta whispering, “Fear me…fear me…”  Just. Awful.)  And idiot plotting: The protagonist (played by Jason Statham with hair) doesn’t figure out what everyone watching the film, regardless of mental capacity, has figured out from the moment he relates his prison experience.  (NB: The low FF Rating™ is due to misplaced faith in Guy Richie and the assumption that the overblown dialogue and meandering monologues would turn out to be important. Wrong!)


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