If I gave stars, this would get 5. GotG is what film is all about: visual entertainment.  Take a bunch of arresting heroes (really, how can you not love Rocket and Groot?) and a goofy-looking, aggressively kohled, monomaniacal villain, add snappy, clever dialog, relentless pacing, and you’ve got yourself a movie (not a film – a movie).  The big surprise is how good Dave Bautista comes off as Drax.  The plot?  Well, the fate of the galaxy is at stake – ’nuff said?  Sure, you can point out all the derivations (so can I) and improbabilities (like that cassette tape player still working) and impossibilities (Groot’s defiance of the laws of conservation of mass and energy), but this amalgam works.  That’s all you need to know.


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