What a pleasant, creepy surprise. Excellent acting (esp. from Jason Bateman, showing a dark side I didn’t know he had) and good direction. Despite a few implausibilities, the script starts out feeling familiar but then takes a few left turns that rivet your attention. (The trailer makes it seem like it’s going to be some cliched slasher film, but it’s anything but.) I don’t want to say anymore except that karma is a bitch.


One thought on “THE GIFT

  1. Just watched it tonight… it was fun! I thought the reveals were well-planned. For the most part, everything that’s unveiled has adequate foreshadowing, so when a scene comes up, it doesn’t come out of nowhere. It means you trade a little suspense since you can vaguely see how things are coming together, but it also makes it fun to be on the ride. Very entertaining.

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