Okay, world, I can see lots of reasons to dump on this movie (not the least of which, Space Mountain being somewhere in the background all the time) but its vision, its heart…I don’t know…maybe I have a psychic link with Brad Bird…I mean, Iron Giant, The Incredibles… they spoke to me. And this speaks to me as well. Right from the get-go, when a very young Casey says she wants to go to the stars, and someone says, “But what if nothing is there?” And she turns to us with this beatific expression and says, “What if EVERYTHING’S there?” I thought my heart would burst. I can’t tell you how I miss that.

That’s the way my country used to be: optimistic. Reach for the stars. No more. Now it’s minimize the downside. Cut your loses. I find myself falling into that mindset as well. It’s the all-is-lost zeitgeist. You know, “Yeah, well, everything sucks, but hey — that’s the new normal. Deal with it.”

Tomorrowland is a tonic for that. The critics killed it, but they’re purveyors of the we-totally-suck mindset. The new America doesn’t want you to dream, it wants you to look to the government for all your answers and solutions. Tomorrowland says, Look to yourself.


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