Probably my least fave Marvel hero back in the day, but what a fun film. Action, adventure, some laughs from the comedy sidekicks, some suspense, lots of bad science — what more can you ask? Paul Rudd was perfect as the hero, Corey Stoll (he really should play Lex Luthor someday) lacked only a mustache to twirl as the villain, Evangeline Lilly was beautiful in her black bob. But the science was =so= bad. The number of atoms in the human body averages 7×10 to the 27th power. The Ant-Man technology works by reducing the space between atoms. Yet somehow it reduced all those atoms to a sub-atomic quantum particle? Uh-uh. Here’s the deal: For the sake of the story I’ll buy your wild premise, but then you’ve got to be consistent within that premise. Also, if you can reduce the space between atoms, you reduce size but not weight (think of compressing a pound of feathers into the size of an egg — it still weighs a pound), yet he’s able to ride on the back of an ant? Still worth seeing. Forget all my BS and enjoy the film.


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