Space geek that I am. I loved this movie. I had my doubts as it began — with an atmosphere of less than 1% of Earth’s, you can’t have an Arabia-style sandstorm on Mars. There just ain’t enough air to do any damage. But since it was a single incident necessary to set up the plot, I let it go and sat back and enjoyed the show. From there on it was a gripping tale of man against the elements. Sure, Watney has lots of grit and guts, but he also has a brain which he puts to use. This film is a testimony to critical thinking: Okay, we have a problem; lets step back, look it over, break it down into pieces, and start solving it bit by bit. Watney doesn’t emote toward solutions, he thinks toward them. So do the folks back home on Earth. So do his fellow crew members.

But I’m still trying to figure how it won in the comedy category? It had a couple of funny lines, but it’s NOT a comedy.


2 thoughts on “THE MARTIAN

  1. Based on this positive review I might now watch the movie. I enjoyed the book and have found book to movie/TV productions so lacking most of the time (which is why I am not in a hurry for RMJ to make it to the big or small screen.) I choose not to watch in boredom what I have previously read with glee. And as to the comedy designation? Perhaps the academy also read the book and remember the parts that would raise a snicker or two? Who knows. Aren’t the votes cast by actors and other Hollywood personnel? Enough said.

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