Even though it contains sly dark humor, this is by no means a feel-good film. McDormand nails her part as a mother whose only remaining emotion is rage. Starting with “Cheers,” Woody Harrelson has always been a better actor than he seems (because he doesn’t seem to be acting), and Sam Rockwell proves again why he’s my favorite male actor these days. One plot turn made me groan aloud but they were only playing with my expectations (which made me very happy). This film totally engaged me.  FF=0


  1. My favorite of the Oscar nominees of the year, and up there with one of my favorites of last year. That groan inducing turn as just an expectation meddler was fascinating and really loved the complexity of the different forms of grief across the cast (the grief of loss, of discrimination, of facing one’s own mortality, of squandered potential).

    You should check out The Florida Project, which is probably my favorite film of last year.

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