(some spoilers here) Did I miss something? What was my take-away supposed to be? Act I is riveting. After that it’s a parade of addiction cliches – superbly acted, for sure – that maneuver us to an unbelievable (in all senses of the word: emotionally, logically, plotwise) NTSB hearing where, for no good reason, Whip decides to tell the truth. He could have said “I don’t know” and ended the case, but he chose self immolation. Did he see it as a last stab at decency? The only way to clean up his act? Okay, fine. Great. But from what we’ve seen of him to this point, it’s damn near impossible to buy. Especially since the whole climax turns on his gaining access to the super-stocked minibar in the so conveniently unlocked adjoining suite on the night before a hearing that will decide his whole future.


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