Pure pulp awesomeness. I can hear the pitch: “The Untouchables in post-war LA.” And that’s just what it is (although don’t hold your breath waiting for a Potemkin reference). Mickey Cohen subs for Al Capone, and Sgt. O’Mara for Elliot Ness. You’ve also got a Magnificent 7 lineup of cop stereotypes: the tough one, the womanizer, the sharpshooter, the black, the Hispanic, and the nerd. And Emma stone as Jessica Rabbit. The two opening sequences show different brands of badassness: Cohen’s as he draws and quarters a Chicago mobster, and O’Hara as he single-handedly busts up a rape in a whorehouse. The dialogue is awful but the sets and cinematography are awesome. Special tip of the hat to the brawl in a blacked-out cellblock lit only by muzzle flashes.


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